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5 Best VPN Services in 2021

13 Dec 2021 11:39 AM | Anonymous

This isn't related to the normal subjects of this newsletter (genealogy, DNA, legal issues, etc.) but it does contain information that I believe every computer user should be familiar with.

Everyone should be using a VPN in order to protect their privacy and to avoid hackers. An article by David Gewirtz and published at gives some excellent choices as to state-of-the-art VPNs available today.

I use a VPN all the time whenever I am online, just for safety's sake. I use Private Internet Access (usually called PIA) which is not mentioned in Gewirtz's article and I am very happy with it. However, if I was to select a new VPN nowadays, I probably would choose ProtonVPN which IS mentioned in the article.

Based in Switzerland, where local laws prohibit anyone from spying on your data and for allowing up to ten simultaneous connections (use your desktop plus laptop plus smartphone plus tablet computers simultaneously), ProtonVPN would be a good choice.

If you do not have a VPN installed, take a look at either PIA or ProtonVPN or at any of the others listed in Gewirtz's article at:

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