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The Dublin Port Digital Archive Is Now Live

19 Aug 2022 10:20 AM | Anonymous

The Dublin Port Archive covers the history of the Port from 1707, offering a unique insight into how Dublin Port shaped Dublin City. The Archive is comprised of 75,000 photographs, 30,000 engineering drawings, 600 historical registers, yearbooks dating back to 1926 along with a ‘Name Book’ for employees from 1906 to 1925.

Commitment to Preserving Port Heritage

Dublin Port Company is committed to preserving port heritage and culture, a commitment reflected in Masterplan 2040 which commits to the integration of the Port and the City, setting policy drivers such as making a positive impact on Dublin and its citizens.  Heritage and the facilitation of its public access are essential to achieving this goal. However, physical access often clashes with conservation, particularly when it comes to historical documents. 

The collections from the Archive are currently being catalogued and the new Dublin Port Digital Archive is an online resource containing examples from the collections allowing accessibility without compromising the archive materials.

The online collections include newly released Newspaper Books  Photographic Collections   Historical Maps  Engineering Drawings and much more.

You can read much more in an article in the web site at:

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