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6 Dec 2022 11:10 AM | Anonymous

This is a quick reminder for anyone with Irish ancestry: make sure you know about and occasionally check

This web site has links pointing to all sorts of Irish genealogy resources. For instance, here is a list from the site's home page:

  • What are the Civil Records
  • What Civil Records are on-line
  • What information is on the Indexes that are on-line
  • I want to get a copy of a certificate, what do I do
  • Can you explain the location to me
  • Notice concerning possible redaction of Historic Birth Records
  • Notice concerning possible redaction of Historic images of marriages over 75 years old
  • Notice concerning cancelled records
  • What years are covered by the Historic records of Births, Marriages and Deaths
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The web site may be found at:

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