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Genealogy in American Football: The Huddle

21 Sep 2023 10:04 AM | Anonymous

There are certain standards that are a part of every American Football contest.

One is the goalposts. Another is the kickoff. Quite another is the passing game. Players are protected head to knee with padding. And just about every play begins with both sides of the ball getting into a huddle.

Why do players gather together like that? Where did this originate? Why are there different styles of huddles? Is there a connection to genealogy?

You can read a rather lengthy and explanatory article written by Barry Shuck published in the dawgsbynature web site at:


  • 22 Sep 2023 9:37 PM | Anonymous
    Being an avid Oregon State Beaver follower and alum, I was thrilled to see the picture of our Beavs being featured in this article. GO BEAVS
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