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How to Receive Daily Email Messages Listing All Newly-Added Articles to This Newsletter (Again)

3 Apr 2024 3:05 PM | Anonymous

Would you like to receive daily email updates showing all the newly-added articles on this web site in the past 24 hours?

These notices are easy to add and, best of all, are available free of charge. Even better, if you later change your mind and no longer wish to receive those email messages, you can unsubscribe within a few seconds.

There was a previous service that previously sent email messages of all the newly added articles added to this web site in the past 24 hours. However, it was a bit awkward to use, it cost me money, and the third-party service that produced it recently stopped offering it.

This new service removes me from the equation completely. I like that. And the fact that it is free to newsletter readers is even better.

The new service is Blogtrottr at https:// (Notice there is no letter "e" in the word Blogtrottr.) The service has lots of options, including the capability to filters that enable you to include or exclude updates based on the item contents. The items you receive can be (at your option) HTML emails or plain text. Your updates can be sent as a PDF, or as plain text or HTML (with embedded images) attachments for easy offline or e-book reading. There are several more options as well (details are on the Blogtrottr web site.)

Blogtrottr will send the ENTIRE articles, not just the URL and the first line or two.

The emails sent by Blogtrottr will contain advertising, not unusual in any of the so-called "free services." I found the ads were not terribly intrusive. 

In short, you own your own subscription. You can add, delete, or change the email address at any time. Not bad for a FREE service!

To sign up for this FREE service:

1. Open up a web browser (most any web browser will do) and go to

2. Under the "Getting Started" section, enter the RSS news feed URL of this web site: (you might want to copy-and-paste that for convenience but you can also enter it manually.)

3. Next, enter your own email address.

4. Finally, enter how often you wish to receive the email messages, The options are: Realtime digest, 2 hours digest, 4 hours digest, 6 Hours digest, 8 hours digest, 12 hours digest, or Daily digest. (I might suggest "Daily" unless you really don't mind lots of email messages!)

5. Click on "Feed Me."

To prove that you're not a robot, you will have to click on a checkbox on the next screen you see labelled "Security check."

That's It!

Finally, Blogtrottr will send you an email asking "Was that you that sent the request?" Reply in the affirmative and then sit back and wait for the email messages to roll in. If you selected the Daily digest option, your first email will be sent to you about 24 hours later. 

You might consider adding to your address book or spam whitelist to placate any overexcitable spam filters.

I have been using this service for a few days and it seems to work well. In short, you own your own subscription. You can add, delete, or change your email address at any time. Not bad for a FREE service!

Have questions about Blogtrottr? Most questions are answered at:


  • 9 Apr 2024 10:33 PM | Anonymous
    Hi Dick,

    If I understand this, you will no longer be sending out the weekly newsletter of the previous weeks articles. I hope that I am misunderstanding this!

    I for one would miss most of your articles with this change if that is what you are saying. I don't have time to read daily articles and daily emails. I've loved being able to quickly review the weekly newsletter and then quickly read or the scan the articles that interested me. This is a sad day for me if this is what the announcement means! I've been a paid Plus subscriber almost from the first because the weekly newsletter was and is a valuable service and well worth the small cost.

    Please tell me that I am misunderstanding this announcement.
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    • 12 Apr 2024 3:03 PM | Anonymous
      —> If I understand this, you will no longer be sending out the weekly newsletter of the previous weeks articles. I hope that I am misunderstanding this!

      Yes and no. I will no longer send out the weekly email messages listing recently-added articles simply because it is a pure duplication. Blogtrottr is already sending out THE SAME (and even more detailed) information.

      In short, I will let Blogtrottr do whatever it is that they do best while I will continue to do whatever it is that I do best: write and publish new articles),
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      • 15 Apr 2024 6:46 PM | Anonymous
        I like reading a weekly update from you! Having 7 emails a week from you will not be a good thing. Is there a way for me to sign in to weekly and review the last week's articles??
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  • 15 Apr 2024 7:31 PM | Anonymous
    I am also a very long-term subscriber who much prefers weekly messages to daily ones. Bi-weekly or even monthly summaries would be even better than weekly, I believe, for those of us who spend less than a few hours a month on genealogy. My incoming daily email is already out of control.

    A weekly summary would NOT be duplicative for those who prefer not to receive a daily feed.
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    • 15 Apr 2024 11:24 PM | Anonymous
      I agree with those who want a weekly email reminder. I don't need an entire list of the articles, just a reminder to check your website.
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  • 16 Apr 2024 1:08 AM | Anonymous
    I am a long term subscriber. Thanks! I like your genealogy subjects and comments on technology. I've noticed a change. First, it's hard to know where to click on to the Newsletter. Not clear. Second, I did not mind the daily mailing. I'd skim the articles and read what caught my eye. Having said that, weekly is OK, too. Right now, I click on your webpage and always get first the article on filing "cabinets".I never noticed when my subscription became weekly. Did I click on a button inadvertantly? Thirdly, is Blogtrotter a new service? If it facilitates your writing and my reading, OK! Make it clear where to click on to it. Thanks for your many good and informative articles through the years I have subscribed. You work hard at it and provide a friendly, readable format. I hope my comments make sense--sometimes I don't do well in saying things.
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