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  • 29 Apr 2021 9:51 PM
    Message # 10407356

    Dick's recent article on having a VPN has changed my mind-I was going to drop mine since I'm not traveling, my community seems secure and my VPN hasn't worked for a while. I've been happy with PIA also, but since Apple installed a new. logic board it hasn't loaded. Now maybe I'll continue to use a VPN

    I have written and the mail bounced,  I tried privateintenet,com online and Safari can't establish a secure connection! Recently, I emailed and received a response, but to respond, they gave me the address, so I added the London address. I have a 2017 MacBookPro with BigSur (11.3). Have any other Mac people had trouble contacting and setting up PIA? If so, how did you work around it?

    George, Willow Street, PA


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  • 17 May 2021 1:46 PM
    Reply # 10517348 on 10407356

    ---> Have any other Mac people had trouble contacting and setting up PIA? If so, how did you work around it?

    I have PIA installed on my desktop and laptop Macintosh systems. I also have it installed in my Android cell phone and tablet computers (although the Android version is a different piece of software from the Macintosh versions so that might not be a good comparison.)

    I must admit I do not have good answers for your questions. I simply downloaded the Macintosh version and the Android version, then clicked on the newly-downloaded files and followed the on-screen instructions. Installations only required a few seconds each and worked perfectly. Therefore, I have never had any reason to contact PIA Support. I have simply used the VPN all day, every day, without any problems.

    I just went to the company's web site right now and noticed that PIA Support is at although I haven't contacted them for any reason. Therefore, I don't know if that is a working address or not but you might give it a try. 

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